Silicone UnderwearAdd some spice to your crossdressing life with our collection of silicone underwear!

Here at WOWSilicone, you can choose from a wide variety of options of silicone padded underwear such as fake vagina panties, fake bulge, and enhancing briefs that can conjure up a perfect feminine or masculine transformation. Our products are available in various designs and sizes, so you are guaranteed to find the one with a comfortable fit. Our shop caters for crossdressers, cosplayers, drag queens, drag kings, transvestites, transgender women, and much more.

Anatomically designed and manufactured using high-quality, medical-grade silicone, our fake vagina panties and penis bulge underwear resemble the natural appearance of human skin. You will look fabulous wearing them. They have a perfectly-shaped design that looks realistic and feels natural. Since they have good elasticity, they can fit to different body types. Our sexy silicone panties are close-fitting and convincing and can completely hide your genitals. You can wear our lifelike silicone undies on a daily basis or during those intimate moments, crossdressing parties, cosplay events, night club performances, and much more.

Got questions? We’ve got answers! For those who are new into drag or crossdressing, we are happy to assist you in choosing the right size of silicone underwear for you. Don’t hesitate to message us for any inquiries.

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