Hand Feminization: How to Disguise Manly Hands When You Crossdress

You’ve got the cute dress, the perfect hair, the fabulous makeup – so what could you have you possibly forgotten?  Are your hands the one thing that may stand out when stepping out the door as a woman?  Lucille lets you know how you can easily make sure that your hands complement the rest of your beautiful self.

As a crossdresser or transgendered female, you may have a feminine face, a melodic voice, or a body like Beyonce, but there is one detail that can quickly give you away. I’m talking about man hands!

Males have proportionately larger hands than their female counterparts, due to the fact that males were evolved to do hard physical labor. No matter how feminine the rest of you looks, big hands announce the fact that you weren’t born a woman.

The good news is that big hands DON’T have to blow your cover. Here’s how to downplay your hands so they blend into your overall feminine look:

1. Keep your nails neatly groomed.

You can’t change the size of your hands, but you can take better care of them. Sadly, this is an area many crossdressers and transgendered females forget. Dirty, straggly nails always attract the wrong kind of attention. Keep your nails clean and neatly groomed at all times, even if it means washing your hands more often. Alternatively, you can also wear realistic silicone gloves with attached nails.

2. Remove the hair from your knuckles.

It amazes me how many crossdressers forget about this simple and obvious detail! Women don’t have hair on their hands, so grab a razor and remove the fluff. And while you’re at it, you should also shave your forearms.

3. Don’t go overboard on rings or bracelets.

You might think that flashy rings and bracelets make your hands look more feminine, but they call attention to an area that should be kept low key. Choose one or two pieces max to prevent eyes from gravitating towards your hands.

4. Choose the right proportions.

Dainty rings and bracelets look feminine, but they’re a definite “don’t” for crossdressers and transgendered females. Delicate jewelry only make your hands look bigger in comparison. Look for chunky jewelry styles that fit the proportions of your hands.


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Hand Feminization: How to Disguise Manly Hands When You Crossdress

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