Complete your anime or superhero character transformation with our cosplay silicone breast plates!

Here at WOWSilicone, we provide a huge selection of realistic breastplates for cosplayers out there. Made with quality silicone material, our realistic silicone boobs are super elastic, soft, and smooth just like real breast tissues. They can hug and contour your chest wall to achieve a much fuller bustline. These breastforms look amazingly natural and are available in a variety of sizes and colors. You can pair them with your favorite cosplay outfit or anime superhero costume to pull off a successful look. Available options include low collar, high collar, and half body breastplates. We also recommend opting for our realistic silicone masks to further alter your physical appearance.

For any inquiries regarding our cosplay female breastplates, feel free to send us a message. Our shop is always ready to assist you in your cosplaying needs. What are you waiting for? Try out our pair of cosplay silicone breastplates now and you’ll be on your way to achieving much fuller boobs in an instant. Every purchase comes with free worldwide shipping.

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