Achieve a convincing male-to-female transformation with our beautifully crafted high neck silicone breast plates!

Here at WOWSilicone, we offer a selection of silicone high collar breastplates specifically designed for drag queens, crossdressers, transgender women, transvestites, cosplayers, and others. All of our products are realistic in appearance and they are available in various sizes or cups. Whether you are looking for small, medium, or big wearable breast forms, you can order them here!

Made of soft and quality silicone, our high neck silicone breast plates are non-toxic, skin-friendly, odorless, and washable. They are guaranteed to last for a long time, with proper care and maintenance. You will definitely be amazed by its natural and lifelike feel and design. Since the silicone material has similar density to human flesh, you can get the perfect femine illusion when you wear them. The breastplate goes all the way to your neck to cover your Adam’s apple. To hide the edges, you can either wear a choker necklace or a scarf. Because of its high neckline design, you can wear any outfit and show off your breathtaking cleavage, without the need to apply make up or concealer.

Your satisfaction is our priority, that’s why we only sell high-quality merchandise at a price you can afford. Because we buy in bulk from our suppliers, our shop is able to retail our products as affordable as possible and pass the savings on to you. Order yours today and start feminizing yourself. If you have any inquiries regarding our silicone high neck breastplates for drag queens and crossdressers, feel free to contact us now! We are always ready to answer whatever questions you may have.

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