Transform yourself into a sexy woman in an instant with our wide collection of silicone breastplates. Made with quality medical-grade silicone, our fake boobs look like natural, realistic breasts. They are seamlessly designed to create a life-like appearance and can fit most body types and sizes. Available in half body, low collar or low neck and high collar or high neck designs, our silicone breast plates are super elastic, ultra soft, and stretchy, making them comfortable and easy to wear. There is no need for any adhesives like glues or tapes. Putting it on is wearing a tight tank top and it can adapt to any figure or shape perfectly.

For those who want to hide their Adam’s apple, we recommend our high collar silicone breast plates which come with high neckline and less noticeable seams. This type of false boobs allows you to wear low-collar clothes while showing off your fabulous cleavage. All of the edges are thin, so you can hide your secrets even better. On the other hand, our low collar silicone breastplates are the perfect option for those who want something that is less constricting and not too tight. The seams along the clavicle can be hidden by wearing an intricate necklace or a scarf. We also supply half-body and full-body breastplates for an ultimate body transformation and for a much wider coverage. Nevertheless, all of these types have excellent elasticity, minimized seams, lifelike nipples, sloping shape, and smooth design. They also come in various colors such as white, ivory, nude, light brown, brown, and dark brown. We offer something that can match any skin tones. Our silicone breastplates are perfect for crossdressers, drag queens, transgender women, transvestites, cosplayers, ladyboys, female impersonators, and even women who underwent post-mastectomy. Order yours today!

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