Achieve realistic feminine curves by wearing our silicone half bodysuits.

Made with soft and quality medical-grade silicone, our half bodysuits feature simulated female anatomy of the upper body which can add shapes to your chest and waist to create a womanly shape. These silicone bodysuits come with a high neckline and artificial boobs that look realistic. They are suitable for crossdressing men, transgenders, transvestites, drag queens, cosplayers, female impersonators, and even real women.

You will surely be impressed by the craftsmanship of our half bodysuits. They are anatomically designed to mimic a feminine silhouette. When you wear it, your upper body will look natural. The fake breasts attached to the bodysuit moves and drapes like a real boobs, matching the curve of your chest wall and giving a comfortable fit.

For any inquiries regarding our silicone half bodysuits, feel free to drop us a message. We are always ready to answer your questions and clarifications about our merchandise. Free worldwide shipping will be provided. No fuss, no minimum order.

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