Available in a range of designs, our realistic female silicone masks are soft and look like real human face. These lifelike masks can perfecly match the curves of your face, making them comfortable to wear and ensuring that optimal facial movements are achieved.

Here at WOWSilicone, we strive to offer affordable female silicone masks on the online market, but we never compromise on quality. Our shop partnered with expert manufacturers to bring you incredible silicone products that remain unmatched by other providers. You can truly rely on the craftsmanship of all the crossdressing masks that we offer in our store. They are handcrafted using designed fitted headforms and innovative mouth cupping system.

Notably, our realistic female silicone masks feature seamless eyeholes that can trick most people. Eyebrows are manually punched. Mouth can also be opened for talking, eating and drinking. Another notable features of our female silicone masks are the lifelike skin texture and ultra thin edges. These realistic masks are very easy to wear. No glue or tape is needed. Slight permanent makeup is included to make your male to female (MTF) transformation so much easier. These masks are suitable for crossdressers, drag queens, transgender women, transvestites, cosplayers, stage performers, female impersonators, women illusionists, and much more. Order yours today! Free worldwide shipping is included.

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