Here are five main reasons why you should choose us: our dedication, innovation, affordability of products, free worldwide shipping, and customer service.

We are a dedicated team.

We have a small team who is dedicated in what they do. We all work together as a team to meet the demands of our clients. Our staff are relaxed, friendly, and easy going. We are just like you. We want to make your shopping experience as hassle-free as possible. We pride ourselves in our professional approach in our every aspect of our operation, especially in shipping your orders and answering your inquiries. Your satisfaction is our main priority.

We innovate.

We do not just sell products. We innovate. To meet the demands of our customers, we continuosly update our catalogue with new and innovative products by partnering with reliable manufacturers. We collaborate with them in the design and production of products listed in our shop. In fact, we offer many exclusive merchandise that you can’t anywhere else.

We keep our pricing affordable.

It is among our goals to offer high quality silicone products at affordable prices. Since we buy in bulk directly from our partner manuacturers and factories, we are able to keep our pricing as competitive as possible. We then pass that benefit on to you, giving the best value. Our price strategy is to deliver exceptional value at all times – without exception.

We provide free worldwide shipping.

We understand that staying competitive is very important in today’s maketplace, that’s why we offer free shipping on all orders, regardless of the order value. No minimum purchase required. Every client will be provided with tracking information, so you can track the status of the parcel. We make this happen by partnering with established suppliers and courier services.

We listen to our customers.

Your opinions matter to us. Our shop is always open to suggestions, feedback, or ideas you may have in mind. For us, customers always come first. When you order a product, we make sure that every client is closely looked after by our staff. We show our customers the importance they deserve and ensure the products are delivered on time.

FREE SHIPPING Worldwide On All Orders. DISCREET Packaging. #WOWSilicone