Silicone PaddingWant a much sexier figure? No problem. We can make that happen! Here at WOWSilicone, you can order a wide selection of silicone padding such as hip pads, butt enhancers or butt pads, fake breasts, and much more. Unlike traditional shapewear made of foam, our silicone padding can provide a feminine figure without ugly lines, seams, or bumps. All of our products have a smooth finish for a very realistic look, feel, and movement.

Order yours today and get the best deal in silicone padding designed for drag queens, crossdressers, transgender, transvestites, cosplayers, and many others. If you have always dreamed of being transformed into a glamorous woman, then here at WOWSilicone, you can find everything you’ll ever need. Let us help you shape your body for the better. Our silicone padding merchandise will work wonders!

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NOTE: Due to Chinese New Year holiday (January 21-27, 2023), please be guided that order processing will take longer. Kindly allow up to 2 weeks for your order to be shipped out. Thank you for your understanding.