Why Do Men Feel The Need To Cross Dress?

The transgendered community is increasing, or rather we shall say that now, since the people are evolving as individuals and feel free to express and behave according to they free will. Whether it is according to the rules and norms of the society, or not. So is the case with the transgenders. They are becoming much surer of their wishes and going on with it.

The question that arises in every body’s mind is that why do men crossdress? Why do they feel the need to dress up and appear like a woman? And these questions tend to create many incorrect notions about the transgendered people in the minds of the other people.

The answer to all these questions is that there is no direct and quickly satisfying answer. Many of us take it to be a sin, but its is not at all like that, its just an obsession that starts with a fantasy to imitate and look like someone gorgeous or appealing you have seen. Generally, it is also not related to sexual experience or excitement of any kind.

Many men feel a need to cross dress, they start with small things like trying ladies lingerie, and other clothing at home, and later takes the form of an obsession that creates within them an urge to dress up and behave like a woman. Most of these men find themselves far more comfortable in these ladies dresses. This is mainly related to the desire that is very prevalent in these men, and that is of appearing like a woman.

Some of the men also say that they do so just because they do not believe in the typical stereotypes and stereotyped dresses assigned to different genders in the society. They say that they want to go against these social boundaries because they really mean nothing and have no base. Some of them wanted to become women, and to fulfill this incomplete wish of theirs, they cross dress as a woman and even wear silicone breastplates and silicone bodysuits. Many just dress up like a woman occasionally, ‘just for change’, as they call it. Many of them wear it just to look different and eye catching types. It’s strange, but few men even relate it to their spiritual sense and statement.

Still, it’s no better than an open question which is yet to be summarized and lined up to a perfect answer. Different cross dresser men give different answers when asked the need for cross dressing.

Why Do Men Feel The Need To Cross Dress?

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