Crossdressing Terms and Definitions

These are just a few of the terms that are generally used to describe someone with conflicting sexual feelings and the path they choose to address those feelings. It is important to understand what a crossdresser must deal with and if you are going to label them, please use the proper label.

Androgynous – Someone whose gender is not obviously apparent based on outward appearance.

Being Read – Or “getting clocked” refers to someone realizing that another person is crossdressed and is not an actual member of the gender they are presenting themselves to be.

Crossdresser – Once known and commonly referred to as a transvestite, a crossdresser is a person who wears the clothes of a member of the opposite sex. They will often act as a member of the opposite gender as well and usually do this for emotional or sexual release.

Drab – Wearing the clothes normally associated with your actual sex. Wearing a suit if you are a male to female crossdresser would be an example of this.

Drag Queen – A male who is often times gay who dresses as a woman in a manner that exaggerates typical female traits, very flamboyant.

En femme – When a male to female crossdresser is crossdressed and not wearing typical male clothing.

Hermaphrodite – Someone born with partial or full reproductive organs of both sexes also referred to as Intersexed.

Stealth Mode – Someone who is living full time in their preferred gender, never revealing to anyone their actual birth sex.

Trannie – Slang term for transsexual.

Transgender – Term that is used for anyone who breaks traditional gender roles.

Transsexual – Someone whose gender identity and actual physical body are not in sync with on another causing enough emotional discomfort that altering the body through surgery and/or hormones is usually required.

Shemale – Derogatory term used to describe a pre-op transsexual who has already taken measure to develop breasts but still has a penis.

Crossdressing Terms and Definitions

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