Useful Tips for Cosplay Beginners

Cosplay can seem a little intimidating for those just starting out, especially if planning to attend a convention. Dressing up to match the look of a favorite character from a comic book, anime, television series, movie or video game is now a very enjoyable pastime for more and more people every year. But the process of choosing the right outfit needs to be carefully chosen for the most enjoyable experience.

Let’s take a look at a few useful tips for beginners:

Carefully choose the outfit

The best type of outfit to wear at a convention has the ability to naturally complement your build and looks. However, with such a varied range of characters to get inspired by, there is certain to be an outfit that can fit virtually all sizes and shapes. Also, if you are planning to create the outfit, it helps to match your sewing skills to what you intend to make. For instance, there are plenty of outfits that involved catsuits and leotards which are mostly easy to accessorize to achieve the desired look of a favorite character.

Pack your gear wisely

A big and bulky outfit can easily get crushed or damaged while traveling to a convention. Therefore, it is essential to go with an outfit that is easy to travel with if planning a long-distant journey. Any armor or large pieces should give the option to reduce the size or fold to ensure everything fits in a vehicle. For the complete beginner one of the easiest options is likely to be the zentai suits or a similar style of outfit. You may also opt for realistic silicone masks to finish off your look.

Use outfits with light materials

Some of the most impressive outfits are large creations, but they often make use of plenty of thick and bulky materials. This can leave the person wearing the outfit hot, sweaty and tired even after a short period. If you plan to visit a convention in the summer, make sure to pick an outfit with light materials that will go well with the temperature.

Using face or body paint

The use of face or body paint is a common mistake that many new to cosplay make. Most of the paints don’t last that long and will soon start to run and look quite streaky, as well as clogging up the pores. Alternatively, one of the zentai suits or nylon stockings can be painted to create the desired look. Also, face powder can be applied to create a lighter look that is less likely to run.

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Useful Tips for Cosplay Beginners

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