Do You Know A Cross Dresser?

Have you ever seen the movie ‘Just Like a Woman’? If not then you would have probably missed the chance to meet a cross-dresser. Crossdressing action is all about when someone wears clothes associated to the opposite gender. Cross-dressers however, are not only seen in movies. You may perhaps find a billion in the United States, for they comprise 7% of the total male population.

Satisfied with their masculinity, they have developed a feminine gift of gender and have decided to explore it. Not everyone who dresses like the opposite sex is a cross-dresser. It is the society that tends to perpetuate common masses on the basis of visible behaviors.

Drag queens are normally bisexual males or gays who dress up like females either to find sex partners or to mock femininity. Cross-dressers on the other hand, have no aspiration for any of these things but simply want to explore the feminine/masculine side of their personalities. As a part of his birthright, each man has got a set of certain feminine potentials. But the social issues or dogmas say that he should suppress those potentials. Integrating with those feminine aspects, cross-dressers are capable of smoothing their rough macho side. One way of fulfilling this fantasy is by wearing silicone bodysuits. The result is great satisfaction and relaxation of the person as a whole.

Many wonder why some men cross-dress. No one knows the truth for sure. The factors can be environmental and hormonal as well. All humans are sexual creatures. Often many a cross-dressers will find this activity sexually stimulating. But this act is more a matter of identity and personality. Cross-dressers come from various different races, religion, creeds and financial background. In fact some cultures provide great respect to them. Most of the transvestites (another term used synonymously used for a cross-dresser) come from well-educated backgrounds. The number of female cross-dressers is much less than the number of male cross-dressers. Perhaps the reasons for this may be the social issues that are imposed on them and which does not allow them to do what they want.

The main problem that cross-dressers face is attitude of the society towards them. Driven by the fear or some kind of guilt, a few of them dispose of their clothes and often deny their cross-gender side. Some transvestites may seek the help of a therapist but generally therapists do not have much knowledge about cross-gender issues. There is no cure for such kind of behavior and in fact most of the transvestites do not even want one!


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Do You Know A Cross Dresser?

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